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Car Air-Con not cold enough? Don’t Cook this Summer!

Use our guide to finding a Car Air-Con Expert!

Car Air-Con maintenance and repair can be confusing as there are many businesses offering a cheap Air-Con regas for your Car Air-Con.


To help guide you through the process of finding a licensed technician to carry out a car air-con service or repair for you, we have prepared a list of questions to ask when you enquire about your car air-con service.

  • How much does a Car Air-Con Service cost?
  • When asking for a car air-con service estimate, ensure that the estimate includes a full air-con service and not just an air-con regas. It is illegal for a technician to carry out an air-con regas without actually performing a full air-con service.
  • How long does a Car Air-Con service take?
  • If conducted by a licensed technician, they would require the car for at least a couple of hours. This guarantees the air-con service is carried out correctly and the appropriate care is being taken to do a thorough check over of your car air-con system. If the answer is 45 minutes, this isn’t a realistic time frame to check and service your air-con system thoroughly.
  • What air-con gas do you use?
  • The current legal car air-con gas is R134A as authorised by the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC). This should be the only gas used in your car air-con system. Ask your mechanic which gas they use, if they are car air-con licensed, they will know the answer!
  • Are you a car air-con licensed specialist?
  • Check out the ARC website Look for the tick. to ensure you are using a car air-con licensed technician. Licensed technicians will have their ARC license details displayed on their website and in the shop. Only a licensed specialist knows how to handle the environmentally harmful refrigerant in air-con systems.

  • Will an air-con service affect the warranty on my car?
  • The answer should be “As long as genuine parts are used for any work that is carried out on your car air-con system and R134a gas is used for the air-con service, your warranty will not be affected.” An expert mechanic will know to use genuine parts on your car air-con system and have this discussion with you before going ahead with any work on your car air-con system.

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