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Don’t Ignore the Warning Signs

Hearing something that sounds NQR on your car?

That rattle, that hum, that knock, squeak, squeal or grind.

Don’t ignore these warning noises!

The worst mistake we see people make, is avoiding
getting their car in to be repaired when they know deep down something isn’t quite right.

But ask yourself…

How vital is your car to your daily life?

We understand that it feels like an inconvenience getting your car to the workshop and then trying to navigate work, dropping off the kids, medical appointments or even just getting to the gym.

For your convenience take one of our Courtesy Cars.

Keep putting it off? Please don’t!

You will find it will only get worse the longer it is left unseen, un-diagnosed and unfixed.
Leaving it un-diagnosed can lead on to much bigger issues as highlighted below.

How could delaying a service and inspection affect me?

  • Increased costs to repair

  • Reliability issues

  • Further damage to other components

  • In some case, unrepairable damage

  • Inability to attract buyers

  • Decreased return on investment

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