Used Vehicle Batteries

Pit Lane Automotive is an active participant in the Century-Yuasa Battery Recycling Program and a registered battery recycling centre. Motor Vehicle batteries are made of lead and filled with acid which means they cannot be placed in home recycling or waste bins. Through the Century-Yuasa battery recycling program, 98% of a lead acid battery can be reclaimed through recycling. The lead, plastic and acid components are reprocessed and manufactured into an array of other products including guide posts, cabling and detergents. Read more.

Waste Oils, Lubricants and Coolant

Pit Lane Automotive has a wash bay with a triple interceptor pit which separate’s waste, grease, traces of fuel and solvents from the water. Our EPA approved waste management company, Remondis, collects these waste products along with our used oil and where possible recycles them or disposes of them as per environmental protection obligations.

All used oil filters and oily rags are stored in separate collection bins and are collected by Remondis and again disposed of in the correct manner.  Read more.

Air Conditioning Refrigerant Disposal

Pit Lane Automotive actively supports responsible collection and destruction of environmentally harmful gases.

Fluorocarbon refrigerant is a greenhouse gas, which if leaking into the atmosphere, will contribute to global warming, making the environment uncomfortable for everyone. Simply topping up a leaking air conditioner with fluorocarbon refrigerant is illegal and will harm the environment by continuing to leak refrigerant into the atmosphere.

Pit Lane recovers used and contaminated refrigerant in a special recovery cylinder which is then returned to the relevant collection centre for destruction as per the Refrigerant Reclaim Australia guidelines.Read More….

General Waste and Recycling

Remondis provide us with 2 front lift bins, one for all general waste and one designated for cardboard and paper. The general waste bin is disposed of as per environmental protection obligations and the cardboard/paper bin is recycled. Both bins are collected regularly by Remondis to ensure a safe working environment.

All equipment and machinery is serviced and maintained on regular schedules to ensure all equipment is operating efficiently reducing our impact on the environment and providing a safe working environment.

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