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Flex Fuel your Falcon at Pit Lane

Now Available for BF-FG-FGX Falcon

Fantastic News, the long-awaited ability to use any choice of fuel in your Falcon and drive off is here.


The flex fuel custom Operating System utilise’s the second O2 sensor on BF/FG/FGX as the flex fuel sensor input. This require’s a converter (zeitronix or other) to convert the standard flex fuel PWM signal into a 0-5v signal.

What is Flex Fuel Tuning?

Flex fuel tuning relates to a cars ability to be flexible with its fuel requirements and operate on any ethanol level fuel that is put into the tank without having to change the tune in the car.

How does Flex Fuel Tuning work?

PCMtec has developed a custom operating system that has the ability of making it flex fuel.

The operating system will work by duplicating the main boost, spark, fuel and cranking tables. The OS will then blend between the standard map (98) and the new map (E85) depending on the alcohol %.

Each table will have its own configurable blend ratio so you can blend in a non linear fashion if required.

For example, you could run 100% of the E85 boost map at E70 but still keep a linear blend for spark.

What are the other benefits of this Custom Operating System?

This custom OS can also be used for dual maps and variable boost. Eg you could setup only a blend on the boost maps and wire a simple 0-5v potentiometer into the loom. This would allow variable boost using a rotary dial in the cabin.

Another possible use is utilising dual maps for nitrous with a simple on/off switch wired into the loom.

The possibilities with this custom operating system will be endless.

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