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What have you got planned this Labour Day weekend?

Events happening on the Mornington Peninsula this Long Weekend.

Spend your long weekend enjoying our local area. There is always plenty to do any time of the year. But especially during a long weekend.

Isn’t that why people flock to the Mornington Peninsula?

Check out the Visit Mornington Peninsula and Visit Frankston websites for more information on events and entertainment!

Before hitting the holiday traffic, check these items on you vehicle.

Tyres – Under-inflated tyres are dangerous. When a tyre is under inflated, there’s a lot more tyre touching the road surface, so it will run hotter. Which in turn increases the risk of a tyre failure and blowout.

Lights – It is an offence not to have all obligatory lights working. Check them frequently, especially before a night journey.

Windscreen – Your windscreen is there for a reason! It keeps out everything from rain to rocks, and is essential for your safety in the case of an accident.

Wipers – Your windshield wipers are essential for driving safely because they either improve or inhibit visibility.

Battery –  Due to the increased electrical demands on the battery, little warning is given before failure. Preemptive battery replacement can help eliminate many of the costs and problems associated with a flat or end of life battery.

The most popular call out dates for break downs are Long Weekends!

Don’t be a statistic!

When checking your vehicle before your trip, please look at your lube sticker to ensure your vehicles service history is up to date. If your service is overdue we highly recommend booking in with us before the public holiday weekend.

We would much prefer to see you before the long weekend, check over your vehicle and be confident you are safe on the road and will enjoy a stress free weekend.

Have us conduct the safety check over in conjunction with your service.



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