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Prevent the Milkshake

The Background

On the 6 Cylinder Falcon with the 6 Speed ZF gear box, there is a separate transmission heat exchanger which is remotely mounted to the engine and uses engine coolant to bring the trans up to temperature quicker and helps maintain it at an acceptable operating temperature under most conditions.

It is fairly common knowledge that these heat exchangers are notoriously known for failing. Which can lead to water entering the transmission and doing extensive damage, this is commonly known as “milk shaking” due to the texture of the oil once mixed with coolant.

What happens?

There is no prior warning to when a transmission is about to milkshake and once it has occurred, it is extremely costly to fully rectify.

There are a few theories as to why they fail, yet none have been 100% proven.

Some blame lack of coolant, but we have seen them fail on cars that have had correct cooling system maintenance. Another theory is stray current or vibrations causing it to fail. We have not seen these problems either.

Some people are changing the factory heat exchanger as often as every 50,000 km’s to try to play it safe, we have seen one that had failed at 52,000 km’s so it’s still a little risky.

Another option some people go for is an air to oil cooler which means that it will never be able to get a milk shake as there is no coolant in the cooler that can cause an issue.

The problem with this is the transmission can run too cool and affect gearshifts and many coolers being used are actually too small internally and can restrict oil flow.

PWR is known for quality products and have supplied product to F1
which has the strictest requirements for quality and performance.

The Recommendation

PWR have come out with another option that keeps it water to oil cooled but in a sturdier exchanger unit. It is also mounted in a different spot to eliminate many of the vibrations that some blame for the failures.

Some critics do not like this idea as it is still a water to oil exchanger and they believe it can still occur.

This is possibly correct but at this stage not one single PWR unit has failed. Something else to think about is, every automatic car ever made by any manufacturer, to the best of our knowledge, uses a water to oil exchanger for the transmission. An air to oil exchanger would be cheaper to produce than a water to oil exchanger when it comes to vehicle manufacturing, so there must be something positive in using it.

Pit Lane will Supply and Fit your PWR Heat Exchanger,
as we have for so many satisfied customers to date.

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